A strategic research and innovation plan for the food system from pig to cold cuts

Pig to cold cuts

The 'Pig to Cold Cuts' roadmap describes seven concepts in timespan of ten years that will be achieved through various chains of research and innovation projects.


Concepts within this roadmap

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Cold cut innovations of the future: thinking outside the box means innovation

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The digitised value chain opens up a world of new, smart possibilities

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Innovations in the pork production chain often remain under the radar. What type of communication and tools get the message across?

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The new Flemish pig as a guarantee for an impeccable quality of the end product and a model of socially responsible entrepreneurship

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Tapping into the potential of these traditional yet underused high-protein by-products

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Making the pork chain more sustainable: which objective principles have the biggest impact, on both people and the environment?

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Questions about meat and health deserve a clear science-based answer

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