A strategic research and development plan for the food factory of the future

Towards the food factory of the future

Food companies must continue to innovate and respond flexibly to a changing world in which versatility and competitiveness are essential. Efficiency, quality and people's well-being are top priority.

industry 4.0

Objectives of this roadmap

The food industry in Belgium may well be facing the biggest challenges in its history: guaranteeing the highest quality, keeping small ranges affordable, producing larger volumes quickly, becoming more efficient, being sustainable, etc. Not so simple. The Factory of the Future shines in many of these areas: sustainable use of energy and materials, motivating employees, state-of-the-art production equipment and smart processes. This is no easy task. But the results are there: a versatile future-oriented company with high added value products.

The four concepts in one overview

Concepts within this roadmap

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Measuring is knowing, in all areas: the quality of the natural resources, the influence of the machines, etc. all have an impact on the end result

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From data to usable information - Automated, connected processes

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Optimal use of natural resources and valorisation of by-products

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The factory of the future requires a flexible organisation that deploys its employees optimally and qualitatively and focuses on their well-being

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innovation manager
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innovation manager
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Eline Stuyven
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