Flanders' FOOD for

social and/or public enterprises

NGO icoon

How do we make a difference for companies and organisations with a social objective? 


We make a difference by:

  • The ability to get companies to collaborate with each other, with knowledge institutes and members and to have them work in a future-oriented manner.
  • Our knowledge about the latest trends and newest technology in food, the Flemish and European grant landscape, the food system, etc.
  • What we can offer both large and small organisations. We provide the following, and more:
    • Scientific guidance and support for grant requests.
    • Access to our national and international network of businesses, knowledge institutes, federations, organisations and authorities.
    • Organising events and writing articles for a broad audience.
    • Providing access to a specific innovation budget for both strategic and more implementation-oriented research in cooperative and collective frameworks.
  • Our expertise in generating innovation strategies for a range of topics, from inspiring to informing to starting up collaborations with other sectors and clusters. This way we can accelerate innovation.
  • Our experienced, driven and dynamic team.
  • Our versatility and flexibility.

Why become a member?

Well, because:

  • You will get project support form A to Z.
  • You can count on personal coaching based on your needs.
  • We take on the task of working out and following up funded innovation projects so you don't have to worry.
  • We facilitate projects and events that strengthen a common competitive goal.
  • You come into contact with a loyal group of members from various sectors.
  • We help you innovate faster and more efficiently.
  • We do more with fewer costs thanks to our open innovation system.
  • You can participate in two free network events per year and receive a discount on pilot infrastructure, events, workshops, study days, courses and exhibiting at trade fairs.
  • You can share innovative news via our channels.

Become a member