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clusters and federations

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How do we make a difference for federations and company clusters? 

We make a difference by:

  • Our knowledge about the latest trends and newest technology in food, the Flemish and European grant landscape, the food system, etc.

  • What we can offer both large and small organisations. We provide the following, and more:
    • Scientific guidance and support for grant requests.
    • Access to our extensive national and international network of businesses, knowledge institutes, federations, clusters and authorities.
    • Management of the program resources for executing both strategic and more implementation-oriented research in cooperative or collective frameworks.
  • The ability to get companies to collaborate with each other, with knowledge institutes and members and to have them work in a future-oriented manner.
  • Our expertise in generating innovation strategies for a range of topics, from inspiring to informing to starting up collaborations with other sectors and clusters. This way we can accelerate innovation.
  • Ambitious roadmaps that focus on the long term and competitiveness.
  • Forging collaborations between international clusters and the international alliances to represent the innovation in the Flemish food sector and ensure it remains on the agenda. Furthermore, we act as the driving force behind various international projects.
  • Our extensive group of loyal members.
  • Our experienced, driven and dynamic team.
  • Our versatility and flexibility.

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