Flanders' FOOD for

food companies

Voedingsbedrijf icoon

How do we make a difference for food companies? 


"Together we build the food of tomorrow"

“We know a lot of things, but we know people who know even more” 

“We are an independent companie with loyal members and a long term vision”

We make a difference by:

  • Bringing businesses, knowledge institutes and members together to collaborate on visions of the future.
  • Sharing knowledge about the latest new, relevant trends and technology.
  • Providing a complete range for both large and small organisations. Our range includes:
    • Scientific guidance and support for grant requests.
    • Access to our national and international network of businesses, knowledge institutes, federations, clusters and authorities.
    • Access to a specific innovation budget for both strategic and more implementation-oriented research in cooperative and collective frameworks.
  • Our experienced, dynamic and driven team.
  • Versatile and able to adapt seamlessly to the most current needs.

Why become a member?

Well, because:

  • You can count on extensive follow-up and support for your innovation projects.
  • We offer personal coaching based on your needs.
  • We take on the task of working out funded innovation projects so you don't have to worry.
  • We organise a free network event twice a year and give a discount for pilot infrastructure, events, workshops, study days, courses and exhibiting at trade fairs.
  • You have the opportunity to promote innovative news via our channels.
  • You can contribute to the input for the spearhead clusters through us.
  • We are crucial in promoting the importance of innovation in food and safeguarding innovation budgets.

Become a member

You can count on a close-knit organisation with members from a range of sectors. By collaborating in an open innovation system we can do more with less. This means you can innovate and solve problems faster. There is a great deal of expertise in our network you can fall back on.