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pilot and test infrastructure

Food Pilot

We will be investing heavily in new testing infrastructures in the coming years. No less than four new 'pilot plants' will be built during the next few years. What will we be developing there? That will be up to you. But we are counting on crispy fries, oven-fresh bread, healthy prepared meals and the best plant-based protein ever. In short, an abundance of deliciousness. Researchers from various institutes will be able to go wild, gather knowledge and share it with other companies that have the same vision. Everyone's a winner!  

So we would like to introduce the four new pilot projects to you.


"We are proud to be building this pilot line in the Food Pilot in Melle. It will form the heart of many innovations and research to develop new foodstuffs from plant-based raw materials that are rich in protein."

Jan Vander Stichele, Lotus Bakeries

Lotus Bakeries