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Your idea, we the support!

Kindjes idee uitvinder

Flanders' FOOD supports an open innovation culture.  

Does your company want to start up an R&D project, an innovation trajectory or project? We will help you crystallise your idea, submit your project application and even execute the project if you want.  

Knowledge institutes and research partners can also submit a project idea on the condition that it is at the request of a member company and/or companies.  

Together we will see if it is achievable. Are we going ahead with it? In that case, we offer extensive support: from idea to project proposal, and possibly beyond. The better the project fits in our spearhead cluster strategy, the more intensive our support.  

If the project fits in our strategy or roadmaps then additional funding may be available. It is important that the project results have a positive effect on the Flemish agri-food industry. The project applications, including the budget estimate, are submitted to Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). Does your company want to submit a project? You must be a member of Flanders' FOOD, at least for the duration of the project.