Why become a member? 

  • You can participate in various types of Flanders’ FOOD projects (collective and collaborative, from strategic to practice-oriented)  

  • Support with your own project application, with an increased chance of approval by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO)  

  • Flanders’ FOOD connects you to a vast network of business, research and networkingpartners  

  • Monitoring and support from A till Z at every step of the research project  

  • Customised guidance in the execution and valorisation of the acquired research results  

  • Personal advice regarding scientific and technological queries (vraag@team)  

  • A varied selection of activities (training sessions, courses, workshops, etc.) at an affordable price  

  • Direct access to our expertise and our vast network of experts and organisations, both national and international  

  • Announce in our newsletter and on our website  

  • Annual networking events  

  • Discounted rates on pilot tests   

  • Our biennial Radar XL booklet with the latest news   

Apply for membership  

Become a member

The size of your business is determined by employment and independence rate. To determine the size of your business, we also consider the shareholder structure at a group level (EU SME definition is an independent company with less than 250 employees and an annual turnover of maximum €50 million or a maximum balance sheet total of €43 million). Membership is charged per country that makes use of our services, all branches in that country automatically become members of Flanders' FOOD.  

Depending on the calculated size of your company, your annual membership fee will be (without VAT):

Number of employees Annual fee (€)
ngo or organisation with public objectives (other than research institute) 660
<51 660
51-100 1320
101-150 1980
151-200 2640
201-250 3300
>250 3960
Research institutes 5250

*From the month of July we calculate the fee of new members pro-rata

Membership conditions  

  1. Every Flanders’ FOOD member endorses the vision and mission of Flanders’ FOOD.  
  2. Membership is valid for one calendar year (January-December). For memberships in the framework of a project, the membership fee must be paid for the entire project period, even if the project has already begun.  
  3. For membership without project participation, Flanders’ FOOD will, depending on the time of joining, calculate the membership fee pro rata starting from 1 July.  
  4. Calculation of the membership fee is based on the decisions taken by the board of directors and the General Meeting of Flanders’ FOOD. The size of your business is determined by your employment and independence rate. To determine the size of your business, we also consider the shareholder structure. 
  5. Membership cancellation must be requested in writing before the end of January. After January, membership will automatically be renewed for one year and the membership fee must be paid.  
  6. Flanders' FOOD does not store personal data longer than necessary for the purpose for which the data was provided. The data you provide us can be shared with third parties if it is necessary for the functioning of Flanders' FOOD in the framework of legitimate interests (e.g. reporting to grant authorities). You have the right to inspect, copy, correct, complete and delete your data when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was provided.  
  7. The member agrees to make no legal or other claims against Flanders' FOOD related to services or projects.