A strategic research and innovation plan for the food system from grain to bakery product

Grain to bakery product

The 'Grain to Bakery Product' roadmap describes eight concepts in a timespan of ten years that will be achieved through various chains of research and innovation projects.

Brood en graan

Concepts within this roadmap

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Potential and exploration of other crops

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Intestinal microbiota & intestinal processes in relation to bakery products

Graan tot brood - alterferment

Potential and exploration of alternative fermentation processes

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Drawing up a decision supporting predictive system for wheat

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Exploring parameters to assess flour quality

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Impact of wheat (kernel) on the quality of the end product

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Using processing to produce superior bakery products

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Use of micro-organisms in the cultivation of wheat and other crops

Meet the roadmap comittee

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Timothy Lefeber
research manager
Ellen Martens
Ellen Martens
innovation manager