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Using processing to produce superior bakery products

General objectives

In this concept, industrial bakeries rethink their production processes and end products. Because in addition to natural resources, processes can also contribute to the quality. The baker strives for maximum preservation and optimal availability of the desired nutrients as well as preservation or creation of functionalities (freshness, crunchiness, freezing stability, etc.) throughout the production process in an industrial bakery.

Therefore, examining possible influences by process steps in order to control the quality and functionality of the end product is advised. Industry 4.0 plays a role in this. New production technologies, biotechnology, automation, digitisation and the integration of sensors on the production lines will appear in the Bakeries of the Future for making bread and other bakery products with the desired properties in regards to the ingredients used (cleaner label), organoleptic properties, shelf life and nutritional profile.

Expected results

  • Optimised production processes for bakery products

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