Our programs and roadmaps

Our strategic research and innovation agenda is centred around a number of thematic programs, and a number of roadmaps have been and are being developed within each program. A brief explanation...


Four thematic programs

Based on our strategic surveys, four thematic programs were drawn up, based on the strengths of the Flemish food sector and the opportunities and challenges the sector faces, now and in the future.

Programma Resilient & Sustainable Agrifood Systems

Resilient and sustainable agrifood systems

Researching the possibility of bringing together partners throughout the chain and sectors to increase transparency and efficiency and to limit the loss of resources and materials.

Programma World class Food Production

World class food production

Research into more efficient production systems and superior products with more added value.

Programma Personalised Foods & Healthy Diets

Personalised foods and healthy diets

Research into finding solutions for the needs of various types of consumers and exploring the possibility of personalised food.    

Programma New & Shifting Resources

New and shifting resources

Research to find solutions for handling natural resources used in food products more carefully, to find alternative natural resources and upgrading by-products from the agricultural and food industry.

What is the objective of the roadmaps?

Each of the four programs consists of specific roadmaps.

Each roadmap describes proactive targets. It concerns objectives of companies that have been active in the agri-food industry in Flanders for a period of 10 years, and in the area of research and innovation. It consists of concepts that have been achieved through the years based on projects and initiatives from businesses/research groups. Each project from the spearhead cluster is linked to one or more roadmap concepts.

These are concepts based on an open innovation model in which businesses and knowledge institutes strengthen each other by, as equal partners, sharing ideas, under the supervision and with coaching from roadmap committees.

The concepts for research and innovation are a hot topic in the agri-food companies that are active in Flanders and motivate knowledge institutes to support them.