Veerle De Graef

Veerle De Graef

innovation manager


Veerle graduated in 2003 with her thesis about the characterisation of spoilage organisms on boiled ham: a first link to the food industry.

Veerle caught the scientific research bug and extended her stay at Ghent University. First with a research project about fat bloom on chocolate, and later a PhD about the microstructure of palm oil crystallisation. Both had a link to businesses. She joined Flanders’ FOOD in 2011.

As Innovation Manager, she started working on projects with a focus on technology. She currently manages the Industry 4.0 team and the related projects in the ‘World Class Food Production’ program, not just in Flanders but, since 2019, also internationally.

Although she is an enthusiastic dreamer, she does manage to keep both feet on the ground. She has a soft spot for good food and good company. Her three spirited children take up much of her time, but she still finds time for walks, family gatherings - with our without a BBQ - and reading a good book. Her sewing machine and crochet needles are also always close at hand.