From data to usable information - Automated, connected processes

General objectives

Measuring is knowing, but measuring does not guarantee success. You also have to capture and extract relevant information. The first step is collecting all useful data. This can be within one company but just as well from various links in the chain. Relevant info can then be used to adjust or improve processes, or to take preventative measures before problems occur. This way, we go from a reactive to a proactive approach in which adaptations are made without operator intervention.

Expected results

  • Companies bundle the data on one central and accessible platform
  • Companies are able to produce quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of disturbance and with optimal quality
  • By using tools such as the Digital Journey Tracker, specific steps towards digital transformation can be taken
  • Relations and trends become visible via machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Processes are automatically adapted based on data

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

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Measuring is knowing, in all areas: the quality of the natural resources, the influence of the machines, etc. all have an impact on the end result

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Optimal use of natural resources and valorisation of by-products

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The factory of the future requires a flexible organisation that deploys its employees optimally and qualitatively and focuses on their well-being