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Smart sensor systems for food safety, quality control and efficient processing in the food industry.

Why this project?

‘Industry 4.0’ means you can make production more efficient, guarantee smooth quality control and monitor food safety with the help of the most modern technology. Effective traceability is primordial and smart systems can make all the difference. Via a European collaboration with 16 partners from both the food and technology sector – it provides the European S3FOOD project, coordinated by Flanders’ FOOD - direct access to new technologies. We also focus on the connectivity of sensors and machines, efficient data collection and analysis to further optimise production and guarantee quality. 

Project approach and results

S3FOOD is a research and innovation supporting European project under Horizon 2020 (Innosup) that is specifically aimed at SMEs from the food processing industry, technology providers and providers of digital solutions.

This project provides 2.8 million euros to support European SMEs via project vouchers, to be used either as a travel budget to participate in study visits and matchmaking events (travel vouchers), or to carry out feasibility studies, validation research and implementation studies, etc. for the application of smart systems in the company (innovation vouchers).

A network of living labs is being set up within S3FOOD, through which food companies gain access to the expertise and pilot infrastructure available in the partner regions.

The activities organised by S3FOOD allow companies to gain access to new information and inspiration, make new contacts and receive financial support. This will result in taking concrete steps in their digitalisation process.

The project strives to reach more than 2000 SMEs in the organised activities. Funding is available for 62 SMEs via vouchers to carry out their digitalisation plans. 

This must lead to a 30% increase in the turnover of the participating businesses and retaining/creating 1000 jobs one year after the project concludes and by 2025.  

Project partners

In Flanders, Flanders' FOOD is the coordinator of this project with DSP Valley as a partner. The Walloon Region is represented by Wagralim.

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