Measuring is knowing, in all areas: the quality of the natural resources, the influence of the machines, etc. all have an impact on the end result

General objectives

Monitoring the production process from A to Z, that is the basis for producing food flexibly and efficiently with an emphasis on food safety. The sooner the analysis results are available, the sooner we can switch over. Performant sensors ensure efficient measurements. This means implementing, validating and developing. Of course it's also worth looking at other sectors and implementing best practices. But all too often innovative sensors end up being very complicated, which leads to missed opportunities.

Expected results

  • The development of customised innovative sensors or adaptations to existing sensors for the food industry
  • Predicting parameters based on data from other sources
  • Lab analyses supported by fast and efficient online analyses, so that deviations can be detected faster
  • A tight synergy between food companies, technology companies and software developers in which digital solutions can be implemented faster

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

Logo van Digital

From data to usable information - Automated, connected processes

Logo van Cicular

Optimal use of natural resources and valorisation of by-products

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The factory of the future requires a flexible organisation that deploys its employees optimally and qualitatively and focuses on their well-being