The new Flemish pig as a guarantee for an impeccable quality of the end product and a model of socially responsible entrepreneurship

General objectives

Starting up strategically driven research, developments and suitable actions leading to pigs that are more suitable for cold cut manufacturers. Through the contributions of innovative products, processes or services, they are bred efficiently and with respect for the animal, the environment, people and society.

Expected results

  • Pigs with a superior technological processability as a base for a super-efficient production of cold cuts
  • Pork of a superior quality as the base for prime cold cuts
  • Pork products free from the risk of boar taint
  • Optimum pig health, combined with a lower use of medication in pig breeding
  • Increased and better guarantee of animal welfare from piglet pen to slaughter through innovative technologies
  • Minimised inflow and spread of zoonotic pathogens in the chain

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