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Upgrading digital meat processing with innovative solutions

iMeat is a collaborative business project (ICON type) in which three companies collaborate with a university research group to reach a common objective.

This project aims to put 3D multi-sensor imaging concepts into practice to assess meat quality (inline) during meat processing. The planned prototypes will enable advanced automation in future meat processing systems. The integrated solutions will consist of a combination of sensors, based on 3D X-rays, spatially resolved spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging, coupled with advanced algorithms.

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD and the project coordinator manage and coordinate the project.

The following three companies and a university research group are responsible for the execution:

  • Marelec Construct
  • Dierendonck Butchery
  • Vleescentrale O.S.
  • KU Leuven: a MeBioS research group

Project partners

Flanders' FOOD manages and coordinates the project together with the project coordinator.

The implementation is in the hands of the following 3 companies and a university research group:
Marelec Construct, Dierendonck Butchery, Vleescentrale O.S., KU Leuven (onderzoeksgroep MeBioS)

Slagerij Dierendonck
Vleescentrale O.S.
KU Leuven
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Timothy Lefeber
research manager