The inner human

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Unravelling and understanding the impact of food on human health 


General objectives

This concept consists of fundamental research that can contribute to health claims and can lead to new concepts that can be applied to the daily diet of consumers. Research that measures the impact of dietary changes can also be included in this concept. It always concerns studies that measure the impact of a certain food or component on a living being (human or animal test subjects, entire populations). Studies that use model systems of certain organs involved in food digestion (human 3D intestinal organoids, primary stomach cultures and liver cells that also regulate a number of physiological processes such as appetite) are also taken into account.

Expected results

  • Gaining fundamental insights into the impact of nutrition on health, unraveling mechanisms and understanding this impact.

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

The right choice

The search for the right strategy to motivate consumers to choose a healthier diet

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From farm to fork

Retaining the nutritional value throughout the production process

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Measuring is knowing

Developing technological solutions for measuring the impact food on health

Delicious and healthy

Innovative food products and concepts that contribute to healthy eating habits

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The involved consumer

Involving citizens in R&D in the area of food and health