From farm to fork

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Retaining the nutritional value throughout the production process

General objectives

The basic principle is to retain all of the nutritional value throughout the entire production process. Another objective is increasing nutritional value through cultivation. This requires additional knowledge about measuring methods for monitoring nutrients (concentration, bio-availability, digestibility, absorption and conversions that occur during digestion, such as (bio-) chemical conversions in the mouth, stomach and small intestine) and about the impact of both existing and new processing and storage techniques.

Expected results

  • New storage techniques and processes with a positive effect on nutritional value

  • Optimisation of nutritional value through better knowledge of current techniques
  • New cultivation techniques and/or types that increase the positive components and decrease the negative components

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

The right choice

The search for the right strategy to motivate consumers to choose a healthier diet

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Measuring is knowing

Developing technological solutions for measuring the impact food on health

Delicious and healthy

Innovative food products and concepts that contribute to healthy eating habits

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The inner human

Unravelling and understanding the impact of food on human health 


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The involved consumer

Involving citizens in R&D in the area of food and health