Measuring is knowing

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Developing technological solutions for measuring the impact food on health

General objectives

Do you want to be able to accurately measure the impact of food  on our health? Then a number of tools are needed to achieve this. ‘What do we eat? And what is its influence on our health?’ are crucial questions. On the one hand, this concept supports the development of tools that contribute to monitoring food consumption. On the other hand, there is also a focus on measuring known or new biomarkers linked to health and/or disease . These biomarkers can also be used to better measure and accurately monitor consumption. Facilitating data sharing to optimise research without infringing on the privacy of the consumer or patient is also one of the objectives of this concept.

Expected results

  • New tools (apps, wearables) that enable accurate monitoring of health and food consumption
  • Remote monitoring of groups of (anonymous) test subjects

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

The right choice

The search for the right strategy to motivate consumers to choose a healthier diet

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From farm to fork

Retaining the nutritional value throughout the production process

Delicious and healthy

Innovative food products and concepts that contribute to healthy eating habits

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The inner human

Unravelling and understanding the impact of food on human health 


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The involved consumer

Involving citizens in R&D in the area of food and health