The involved consumer

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Involving citizens in R&D in the area of food and health

General objectives

This concept focuses on developing and facilitating the possibilities (new types of research) to involve citizens in research and development and on promoting the use of these new types of research. Involving the consumer/patient can have various objectives:

  • Collecting data, primarily to support research within the ‘Measuring is Knowing’ concept
  • Receiving feedback during New Product Development (NPD), primarily to support research within the ‘Delicious and Healthy’ concept
  • Making the consumer aware of the complexity of research and food, primarily to support research within the ‘The Right Choice’ concept

Expected results

  • Availability of protocols and guidelines that make research about the impact on human health relevant and affordable
  • Toolboxes that help to involve consumers in the development of new products
  • Increase consumer involvement
  • Faster access to various research target groups

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

The right choice

The search for the right strategy to motivate consumers to choose a healthier diet

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From farm to fork

Retaining the nutritional value throughout the production process

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Measuring is knowing

Developing technological solutions for measuring the impact food on health

Delicious and healthy

Innovative food products and concepts that contribute to healthy eating habits

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The inner human

Unravelling and understanding the impact of food on human health