Delicious and healthy


Innovative food products and concepts that contribute to healthy eating habits

General objectives

Improving the recipes to increase the nutritional value is an important motivator for companies. This can be achieved by decreasing the number of negative components (salt, saturated fats, added sugar), by adding positive components (protein, fibre, micro-nutrients) or by replacing components with healthier alternatives (saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats), all while retaining the product’s flavour and shelf life. Encouraging consumers to choose a healthier diet (healthy snacking) is also part of this vision. Input for the recipes comes from literature, research or guidelines from the Belgian Health authorities.

Expected results

  • Products with a higher nutritional value
  • New market or product ideas that promote a healthier diet

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

The right choice

The search for the right strategy to motivate consumers to choose a healthier diet

Logo van AkkerTotBord
From farm to fork

Retaining the nutritional value throughout the production process

Logo van MetenIsWeten
Measuring is knowing

Developing technological solutions for measuring the impact food on health

Logo van InnerlijkeMens
The inner human

Unravelling and understanding the impact of food on human health 


Logo van BetrokkenConsument
The involved consumer

Involving citizens in R&D in the area of food and health