Eiwittransitie - ProteinCrops

Identification and cultivation adaptation of protein-rich crops

General objectives

In order to limit our external dependence on protein-rich crops for food and animal feed, we must focus more on local cultivation, taking into account the economic feasibility, the climate, the limited agricultural area, the protein yield and composition, the value of the by-products (e.g. dual target crops), etc.

The goal is to increase the cultivation area of ​​protein-rich crops in Flanders with optimal yield, functionality and (nutritional) quality. Primarily, this comes down to identifying which crops offer potential for cultivation as a protein-rich crop in Flanders. Within those who have that potential, further exploration can be done for which varieties offer the most opportunities, or new varieties can be created that are better adapted to the local climate, provide a higher (protein) yield, a nutritionally better (protein) composition and/or have better functional properties.

By combining exploratory and feasibility studies with agricultural research, new opportunities can arise for the local cultivation of protein-rich crops. In addition, fundamental research into and development of new varieties of existing crops with a specific focus on nutritional and protein composition will also contribute to this concept.

Expected results

  • Insight into the potential, properties and possibilities for local cultivation of various protein crops
  • New crops that are optimized in terms of local cultivation, (protein) yield, nutritional (protein) composition and/functionality
  • Availability of new protein-rich crops for further processing, originating from local cultivation

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