Eiwittransitie - FUNkyProtein

Research into the functionality and key properties of protein structures

General objectives

The Flemish focus on animal production has led to the fact that that our knowledge on proteins and protein structures is focused on animal proteins. With the upcoming protein shift, it is important that this knowledge is extended to proteins from plants and other alternative sources.

The goal is to unravel the structure and functionality of proteins from different sources and the relationship between them. As well as figuring out the effect of interactions between proteins of different types, and with other components of the food matrix. And also how processing can influence this structure/functionality.

This concept comprises mainly fundamental research, complemented with validation from practice.

Expected results

  • Insight into the structure, functionality and structure/function relationship of proteins from different sources
  • Insight into the effect of processing
  • Insight into the interactions with other proteins and non-protein food matrix components

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

Eiwittransitie - NovoPro

Identification, cultivation and processing opportunities for new protein sources

Eiwittransitie - EXPRO

Options for, and optimisation of protein extraction processes from different types of protein sources

Eiwittransitie - ProFormula

Development and formulation of new, high-quality protein-rich consumer products

Eiwittransitie - Society

The protein shift in a broader social context

Eiwittransitie - ProteinCrops

Identification and cultivation adaptation of protein-rich crops

Eiwittransitie - ReUSE-IT

Reuse of by-products for and from protein production