The protein shift in a broader social context

General objectives

The protein shift is a socially driven fact, so it is also important to measure, know and understand the impact on our society and economy, and to include this information in practice.

The goal is to obtain a better understanding of the broader societal impact and complexity of the protein shift. This includes the availability of objective systems to assess the sustainability of the value chains, including the aspect of nutrition, the economic aspects associated with the protein transition and the communication and cooperation between value chain players up to the end consumer, based on theoretical models and impact analyses on the one hand, and validation and communication actions on the other.

In order to grasp the broader context, it is also necessary to look beyond Flanders, and it is important to focus on international research and participation in international networks, without losing track of the Flemish context.

Expected results

  • Objective measurement systems to assess sustainability (including nutrition)

  • Platforms that bring together the value chain, and include the different angles of the protein transition
  • Insight into ways to inform consumers correctly and effectively

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

Eiwittransitie - NovoPro

Identification, cultivation and processing opportunities for new protein sources

Eiwittransitie - EXPRO

Options for, and optimisation of protein extraction processes from different types of protein sources

Eiwittransitie - ProFormula

Development and formulation of new, high-quality protein-rich consumer products

Eiwittransitie - FUNkyProtein

Research into the functionality and key properties of protein structures

Eiwittransitie - ProteinCrops

Identification and cultivation adaptation of protein-rich crops

Eiwittransitie - ReUSE-IT

Reuse of by-products for and from protein production