Options for, and optimisation of protein extraction processes from different types of protein sources

General objectives

Protein-rich crops and other protein sources can be incorporated in their entirety in the diet on the one hand, but can also be converted into protein-rich ingredients for further processing in food on the other hand. Processors of primary raw materials and ingredient suppliers are very important in Flanders, and are fully committed to new protein ingredients. This requires the necessary knowledge about the extraction of proteins and its effect on the properties of the proteins.

The goal is to obtain protein-rich ingredients that can be extracted from the raw materials in an efficient and sustainable way, with maximum preservation (or improvement) of the nutritional quality and functional properties. There can be different extraction processes for the different types of protein sources, although the known extraction processes can serve as a guideline when developing new processes.

This concept involves a combination of fundamental, applied and feasibility research, supplemented by demonstration and further development of the processes.

Expected results

  • Insight into the possible extraction processes per protein source and the effect of the various parameters from the process on the protein ingredient
  • Optimized extraction processes for the different sources, with a focus on sustainability

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