Reuse of by-products for and from protein production

General objectives

Creating less waste is a good starting point for more efficient food production, and that also applies to protein production. Industries such as beer brewery and oil refinery can have by-products that are rich in proteins that can be used as a protein-rich raw material. In addition, in the processing of animal products or other protein-rich sources into ingredients or end products, by-products are released that can be used elsewhere in food or animal feed.

The goal is, on the one hand, reusing protein-rich by-products from other industries for new protein ingredients, food products or animal feed, and on the other hand, making better use of the by-products that are left after extracting proteins from the source material. Technologies to process and stabilise these secondary flows are crucial for this. Being able to reuse secondary flows requires insight into the composition, continuity and availability, so that the economic feasibility can also be estimated.

This concept can be realised through feasibility studies, fundamental research and development work, in addition to demonstrative and inspiring actions.

Expected results

  • New protein-rich ingredients based on by-products from other industries
  • New ingredients, food products and also non-food applications based on by-products from protein processing

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