Top product and process innovations in vegetable processing

General objectives

Our vegetable processing industry, frozen vegetables in particular, has been growing incredibly fast since the 1960s and is one of the top in Europe. This is mainly due to trend-based product innovations and investments in modernising and improving the processes. 'The fourth range' with fresh chopped vegetables has become a real hit and is definitely here to stay. ‘The fifth range’ of cooked or prepared convenience vegetables is also gaining popularity fast.

Through research and development, this concept supports continuous product developments and process modifications that are needed to respond to the changing consumer preferences worldwide. Another of our starting points is that the initiatives within the concept contribute to our impeccable reputation for high quality. We also want to make production process more sustainable.

Expected results

  • Innovative vegetable products that meet the (changing) wishes of (global) consumers
  • Optimised, sustainable production processes for vegetable products

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

Logo van AlterVegProcess

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Automation and digitalisation in the vegetable to veggie food system