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Strong together: links with ‘agri’ for process optimisation, innovations and circular economy.

General objectives

The vegetable processing companies are situated in the middle of the most important cultivation areas of 'vegetables grown in soil'. The proximity of cultivators and their suppliers plays a crucial role in their competitiveness. The year-round supply of vegetables with the desired quality, quantity and other specifications (e.g. calibre and shape) is the first step in process optimisation and sustainable production. But this strong link with the primary sector also creates opportunities for product innovations. For example, by cultivating certain (new) vegetables aimed at products for specific export or niche markets or specific populations. At the end of the production process, feedback can be given to cultivators about by-products and energy and water flows, which will also help them increase competitiveness. Creating these types of cycles also gives a boost to the sustainability of the 'vegetable processing system'. Possibilities require further exploration. Research and technology are needed to make this possible in a safe, cost-effective manner and with sufficient added value.

This concept aims to encourage cultivation supervisors, product developers, environmental coordinators and cultivators (or cultivator organisations) and their suppliers to collaborate on research and development projects. These projects will lead to: resource-based process optimisation, product innovations and/or return flow of products with high added value (e.g. fertiliser derived from by-products) or production factors (e.g. water, energy, surplus soil) to cultivators.

Expected results

  • A resource-based optimised production of processed vegetables
  • New cultivations and products based thereon
  • Products and product properties with 'win-win' sales or return flows back to the cultivators

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