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A new look at vegetable processing processes

General objectives

The European consumer is still not putting enough vegetables on their plate. Health authorities recommend eating at least 300 grams of vegetables per day and encourage consumers to eat more vegetables. This advice can help motivate vegetable cultivators to continue their growth ambitions. It also requires product development at a higher (risk) level and not shying away from investing in alternative process technologies. These process technologies can even lead to the development of new products derived from by-products. For example, alternative processing can lead to products with new flavours, textures, convenience, experience, etc. as well as products aimed at specific target groups, other mealtimes during the day, certain export markets, etc.

Methods for ‘processing differently’ are available through technology suppliers and research institutes but they do entail a great deal of uncertainly for vegetable processors. This concept offers answers through feasibility, benchmark and pilot studies in which the opportunities and limitations of lesser-known or new process technologies are examined for industrial vegetable processing. Strategic basic research into new technologies is also included in this concept.

Expected results

  • Innovative (partial) processes for vegetable and/or by-product processing
  • Alternative vegetable products or new products derived from the production process

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