From potato by-product to superfood

General objectives

The potato was already introduced in Europe already in the 16th century. So it's a keeper, in part thanks to its nutritional value. Potatoes not only provide energy in the form of complex carbohydrates (starch), but they also contain essential nutrients such as fibre, high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. They are also present in the by-products from the potato processing industry, which creates possibilities for upgrading them to the highest possible level. Considering their nutritional value, we can aspire to ‘superfood’ applications. Various processing techniques, from simple to complex, may be suitable. Various components can also be recuperated from potato processing water. Innovative separation and extraction technologies open up new possibilities.
With this concept, through research and development we want to get the most out of the potato processing by-products in a financially responsible and sustainable manner, preferably for food applications.

Expected results

  • Developing the potential of potato processing by-products

Other concepts whitin this roadmap

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Pioneering product innovations and efficient processing

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Radical process innovations applied to both main and subprocesses

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Optimising the supply of raw materials and reducing food loss in the chain

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Sustainable water as a complete production factor

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Long-term guaranteed supply through local potato cultivation

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Internet of Potato

Digitised value chain: data from the field to storage and factory to further down the chain