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Long-term guaranteed supply through local potato cultivation

General objectives

Potato processors and vendors mainly process potatoes that are grown in ‘their own garden’. Due to the success of the potato processing sector, the surface area of potatoes in Flanders has increased and is currently more than than 55,000 hectares. This should not come as a surprise, as our region is located in the centre of the European ‘potato belt’, a perfect cultivation area for potatoes because of its soil and climate. The sector’s viability is closely linked to that of the regional potato production. Potato cultivation is facing various challenges: disease and droughts, risk of soil fatigue, weed pressure, etc. The fact that solutions from the past must be abandoned is forcing the sector and its suppliers to look for alternatives: new crop protection agents and concepts, suitable irrigation techniques, alternative haulm destruction, etc. Innovations are being made, but they entail risks: uncertainty about their effectiveness, incompatibility with potato cultivation, financial feasibility, etc.

This concept is about the interaction between potato processors, vendors and cultivators, and focuses on research and development-based innovations that contribute to the support of the cultivation and ensure the supply (including high-quality storage) of potatoes. Financial feasibility is considered and sustainable solutions are worked towards in all of these areas.

Expected results

  • Sustainable, long-term guaranteed potato cultivation, processing and trade

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