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Radical process innovations applied to both main and subprocesses

General objectives

In order to excel in the long term, companies must dare to question their current production processes and consider radically new technologies that offer new opportunities to improve potato properties, develop new products, upgrade by-products, etc. A ‘technology push’ by suppliers (including research institutes) often also creates new possibilities for potato processing companies. These innovations also come with risks: uncertainty about their efficiency, incompatibility with potato processing, not validated on an industrial scale, etc. Assessing the costs/benefits ratio and the robustness is often difficult. A learning curve must also be taken into account. In short, companies need support in order to make informed choices and decisions with long-term effects. 
The starting point is feasibility, benchmark and pilot studies to assess the opportunities and limits of radical process innovation technologies for industrial potato processing. This concept also allows for strategic basic research for the development of new technologies. 

Expected results

  • Innovative (sub)processes for potato and/or by-product processing
  • Other potato products or new products resulting from the production process

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