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Optimising the supply of raw materials and reducing food loss in the chain

General objectives

The sustainability of potato processing is connected to the sustainability of other parts of the chain. An optimised food system is beneficial to sustainability. This begins with the harvest and supply of potatoes with the desired quality, quantity and other specifications (e.g. calibre and shape) to the processor or vendor and continues with efficient production and logistics. Equally important is the reduction of food waste during all stages, including the consumer stage, because raw material waste results in energy and CO2 waste.
This concept is focused on projects where potato processors and vendors, in interaction with other players in the potato chain (cultivators, suppliers, vendors, processors and logistics companies), work on innovations that lead to a reduction in food waste from the fields to storage and production, all the way to the consumer.

Expected results

  • Products, processes, tools, new business models that result in an efficient and sustainable chain

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