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The VISION2REUSE project demonstrates the applicability of various smart cameras for automatic quality control (e.g. detection of scratches, tears, contamination) of reusable packaging in the food and packaging industries. 

Why this project?

Europe has stipulated that all packaging must be reusable or recyclable by 2030. Fevia has tightened the European target with a deadline of 2025. Reusable packaging is an important pillar in the strategy of working towards more circular packaging on both the European and the Flemish level (Green Deal Anders Verpakt). In order to promote the use of reusable packaging, many research and implementation questions still need to be answered, such as accurate and automated detection methods for defects and/or contamination. This is, of course, very important to ensure consumer safety and the economic viability of the business model.

Research approach and expected results

Vision2Reuse is an ERDF project that aims to demonstrate the applicability of various smart cameras for automatic quality control (e.g. detection of scratches, tears, contamination) of reusable packaging in the food and packaging industries. This involves using various camera technologies (e.g. colour, depth and hyperspectral cameras) and state-of-the-art machine learning to accurately and quickly evaluate whether the packaging material is still suitable for a new reuse cycle or needs to be processed in a specific end-of-life flow (e.g. recycling). It should also provide information on the degree of contamination, which is a direct input for the treatment of the packaging material before it can be used again (e.g. type of washing process).  The impact of the washing process on the integrity and contamination of the packaging is also examined.   

The concrete objectives of the project are:

  • Raising awareness among the target group about the possibilities of various camera technologies for the automatic analysis of packaging in relation to damage, contamination, etc. 
  • Organising matchmaking and supporting the start of co-creation processes between stakeholders in the target group to create an innovative ecosystem.  
  • Demonstration trials within the four sectors of the VISION2REUSE target group.  
  • Development of Best Practice Guide on quality control of reusable packaging including Design4Reuse guidelines. 
  • The project consortium will focus on awareness-raising, demonstration and, in the medium term, will aim to develop co-creation innovation paths between producers of reusable packaging, technology companies and food companies. In the longer term, the project results will offer companies an automated control system that is economically feasible for assessing the reusability of packaging.  

Target group

The target group of VISION2REUSE consists of producers and suppliers of reusable packaging materials, users of this packaging, and technology companies (sensors, data processing). The project considers four sectors that have a high potential for implementing reusable packaging, so the impact of this project has a broad dimension with the possibility the technology will also spill-over to non-food sectors. 

  • B2B beverage & food packaging (e.g. plastic drums, crates, etc.) 

  • Retail (e.g. reusable consumer packaging) 

  • Food services (e.g. catering) 

  • E-commerce 

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD manages and coordinates the project. The implementation is in the hands of Flanders' FOOD, Pack4Food and IMEC. 

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Toegang tot de projectresultaten

Het project is afgelopen op 31 december 2023. In kader van het project werd een Best Practice Guide gepubliceerd die gratis te verkrijgen is. Download de guide hieronder.

Vision2Reuse Best Practice Guide


De doelgroep van VISION2REUSE bestond uit producenten en leveranciers van herbruikbare verpakkingsmaterialen, gebruikers van deze verpakkingen en technologie-bedrijven (sensoren, dataverwerking). In dit project werden vier sectoren beschouwd die een groot potentieel bevatten voor het implementeren van herbruikbare verpakkingen, waardoor de impact van dit project een brede dimensie heeft met mogelijkheid tot spill over van deze technologie naar niet-voedingssectoren.

  • B2B drank- & voedingsverpakkingen (bv. kunststofvaten, kratten,…)
  • Retail (bv. herbruikbare consument verpakkingen)
  • Food services (bv. catering)
  • E-commerce


Flanders’ FOOD beheerde en coördineerde het project. De uitvoering was in handen van Flanders’ FOOD, Pack4Food en IMEC.

V2R partners


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Eline Stuyven
innovation manager