Recyclage van verpakkingen

Why this project?

Both food companies and suppliers of packaging (materials) face the great challenge of finding sustainable solutions for food packaging. Indeed, packaging is an important aspect due to its wide variety of functions: extending shelf life, protection during transport, communication with the consumer, ease of use ...

However, it is not easy to choose the right packaging as a company. After all, what is the most sustainable packaging for a specific food product? To support companies in this, several tools are available to map the sustainability of packaging materials. However, the scientific basis and integrity on which these tools are built are often unknown. Moreover, it is often unclear what these tools can be used for and how the final outcome should be interpreted. 
In addition to choosing sustainable food packaging, it is essential to engage consumers in the sustainability story. The consumer perception of sustainable food packaging often does not match the actual sustainability of a package.

Research approach?

TACTIC is a collective research, development and dissemination project (type COOCK). The project aims to aggregate and translate knowledge on sustainability of food packaging tailored to companies in the food and packaging industry and their retail customers. Companies will be supported in selecting tools that assess the sustainability of food packaging, as well as communicating their sustainable food packaging choices to consumers.
We aim to achieve this by:

  • Reviewing the wide range of tools already available that assess the sustainability of food packaging ... 
    • Critically analyzing where both the scientific basis and intergrity as well as applicability are identified
    • To test against the needs and expectations of tool users through interactive co-creation sessions. 
  • Develop and extensively evaluate communication tools/strategies to raise awareness and inform consumers about the sustainability of food packaging. This by:
    • Dissecting perceptions of Flemish consumers in sustainable packaging claims and eco-labels related to packaging sustainability
    • Devise communication tools/strategies to inform consumers about the sustainability of food packaging 
    • Qualitative evaluation and further refinement of the developed communication tools/strategies through a co-creation session with Flemish consumers
    • Quantitative evaluation of the communication tools/strategy via broad consumer survey
  • Creation of a knowledge point on sustainable food packaging bringing together all relevant stakeholders

Target group and results

TACTIC's target audience includes the food industry and their retail customers (for private label) and packaging manufacturers and distributors. 
These tools should enable companies to better design their packaging on the one hand and to better explain their efforts in that area to consumers on the other. The project consortium aims to set up a knowledge platform where companies can interact with their suppliers and customers on this topic.

Project partners

Flanders' FOOD manages the project. Pack4Food coordinates the project.

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Om deel te nemen aan dit project is lidmaatschap van Flanders' FOOD of Pack4Food vereist.


Kevin Winnen
innovation manager
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Rani Roye
innovation manager