Resource efficiency optimization of 2nd class vegetables via biorefinery solutions to improve sustainability in the agrifood chain and climate change resilience

Demeter is an ERA-NET research project from the FACCE SURPLUS co-fund that strives for sustainable and resilient agriculture in relation to the agro-food chain.

The project's objective is to valorise by-products from vegetable processing chains into high-quality products such as juices and soups as well as functional ingredients via biorefinery.

Flanders’ FOOD is a subcontractor of Verduyn in this project. The following companies and research institutes from Flanders and France are responsible for the execution of this project: 

  • Verduyn 
  • Juicy Group
  • Verduyn France
  • INRAE, Research Unit Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies (BIA) (France)
  • INRAE, Research Unit Safety and Quality of Processed Fruit and Vegetables (SQPOV) (France)
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Gus Verhaeghe
innovation manager