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Why this project?

Current European agri-food value chains have been under great pressure in recent years. Like other sectors, they face increasing volatility from a range of parameters such as fluctuations in energy costs, logistics constraints, resource scarcity, etc. Moreover, these value chains also face their own unique vulnerabilities due to the limited shelf life of food and the variability in quality and availability of raw materials. There is ample scientific evidence that these vulnerabilities may increase in the future due to the impact of external factors such as climate change, global population growth, shifting consumer demand and dietary habits, market volatility, aging workforce, etc. 
B-Resilient is therefore launching an ambitious package of support measures (in the form of vouchers) to help SMEs in the food industry become more resilient through optimal use of biomass. The project focuses on maximum utilization of available raw materials and subsequent valorization of by-product streams into innovative bio-based products and ingredients. Based on a zero-waste and circular concept, the B-Resilient project improves the competitiveness of food processing SMEs from an environmentally sustainable perspective.

Project approach

B-Resilient is a European innovation project aimed at making SMEs in the food industry more resilient through optimal use of biomass. The project will focus on the optimal use of raw materials through valorization of by-product streams into a variety of bio-based applications.

In this project 1.12 million euro will be made available to support European SMEs through project vouchers. These vouchers can be used as travel budget to participate in the matchmaking event in May 2023 (travel vouchers), to do feasibility studies, validation research and implementation studies etc. (innovation vouchers or business continuity plan vouchers), or to internationalize (internationalization vouchers).
Through the activities organized by B-Resilient, companies get access to a lot of information and inspiration from home and abroad, new contacts can be made and financial support is offered. This in turn can result in taking concrete steps towards the valorization of by-product streams in food companies.

Target audience and results

B-Resilient targets players across the value chain. Both food processing companies and providers of (technological) solutions, consultants and start-ups in the bioeconomy are welcome to participate in the project.

During the project, 16 Business Continuity Plan vouchers will be issued, 21 Innovation vouchers, 33 Internationalization vouchers and 63 Mobility vouchers.


The B-Resilient project brings together 8 leading European clusters from 5 different countries. A total of €1.5 million in European funding has been allocated to the project, of which €1.12 million goes directly to food industry SMEs thanks to the B-Resilient third-party financial support scheme.

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