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Accelerating the digital maturity of Flemish food companies

Why this project?

In a fast-evolving technological world, most food companies, including many SMEs, have a hard time gaining a clear insight into their own 'digital maturity' and their greatest digital needs.  On the other hand, there is a gigantic range of digital possibilities, software packages, suppliers and consultants. All this makes it extremely difficult for these companies to formulate clear goals for themselves and make choices.  Food companies generally do not have the expertise themselves to sift through all the different digital options.  

Flanders’ FOOD has been committed to accelerating digitisation in the Flemish food industrial for several years.  Our ultimate goal is that every food company, small or large, will take steps towards 'the factory of the future' where digital systems support all facets of operations.   As a company, you will be better equipped for the future and for retaining your competitiveness and growth. 

Understanding that digitisation plays a very important role is widely accepted. But how do you start and how far are we as a company?  The DigiTrack project wants to support Flemish food companies in expanding their digitisation strategy.  

Investing in further digitisation? Absolutely!  But how?   

Research approach and results

Digitrack was a collective research, development and dissemination project (COOCK type), which aimed to provide an answer to the great need for independent support and guidance in taking the steps in the digital transformation. With this project we achieved the following results:

  • Development of a structured 'scan' that enables food companies to map their current approach and needs in the field of digitalization and to help them make the right choices.
  • Development of a template for an advisory report, where companies gain insight into their digital maturity on the various aspects within a food factory (e.g. quality, production planning and connecting the machinery).
  • Establishment of a learning network, the DIGIDENKERS, where food companies could learn from each other by discussing various topics related to digitalization. Some providers of digital technology were invited to provide specific 'knowledge boosts'.

Access to the results

The project has been completed since May 2022. The project results, including the scan and the template of the step-by-step plan, will be offered as a service by Flanders' FOOD. The scan developed in the project will be offered commercially by Flanders' FOOD in the future. This way, food companies can map their current approach and needs in the field of digitalization and take steps towards higher digital maturity.

Target group 

  • Food companies  
  • ICT companies 
  • Digital technology (hardware) providers  
  • Consultancy companies that provide support for digitisation projects 

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD manages and coordinates the project. Sirris is responsible for the execution, under the supervision of Olivier Biot.

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Follow-up actions

The DIGITRACK project has resulted in a number of follow-up actions that will continue the digitalization in the food industry:

  • The AI PathFinder project emerged from the session on artificial intelligence of the learned network DIGIDENKERS. The companies want to know which digitalization strategy can contribute to strong AI adoption.
  • Due to the success of DIGIDENKERS, Flanders' FOOD has continued the learning network as part of the industry partnership.

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Lars Roba
innovation manager