Less sugar and better fat

Less sugar, less fat and/or an improved fat composition. Public healthcare is begging for it, but how do you solve this as a food company?
(only available in Dutch)

(Only available in Dutch)

Over the past decades, the importance of food for good health has become clearer and clearer. The increase in obesity in Western countries and its effect on public health introduced a general trend towards fewer calories and an expanding range of 'light products' on store shelves.  

First and foremost, this book attempts to address how high-calorie elements - sugars and fats - can be reduced in foodstuffs. But it goes beyond mere calorie reduction and also focuses on the 'nutritional improvement' of the product. On the one hand, this means a decrease in sugar levels, with an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of various replacements, including nutritional ones. On the other hand, ways to reduce fat levels, focusing on the less healthy types of fat, and/or improve the fat composition are considered.  

Many product developers in this field have already experienced that improving the nutritional composition of a product affects its quality and properties. Therefore, the book also takes a more in-depth look at the effects of reduction and replacement of sugar and (certain) fats on the products as well as possible solutions.  

Lastly, the legal status of sugar and fat replacements is addressed as well as how products with less sugar or fat or with an improved nutritional composition can be labelled, and whether or not certain claims can be made.