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With the WIDE project (Workplace Innovation in a Digital Environment) we are responding to the need for guidance and support on the impact that the digital transformation is having on the corporate culture and the organisation of work.

Why this project?

Without exception, production companies in Flanders are being confronted with the need for digitalisation in order to remain competitive at local and international level. Through their activities, the industry 4.0 living labs contribute to facilitating and accelerating this transformation by bringing innovative technologies closer to businesses. However, the digital transformation is not just a technological investment process. It goes hand in hand with a skills revolution: organisations are transformed by technology and the skills required are changing rapidly. Digitalisation also has a profound impact on the workplace, changing many existing relationships, as well as working methods and collaboration approaches within a company. More specifically, the relationship between operators and their current managers is set to change, but the position and role of staff members and supporting departments (planning, maintenance, quality, HR, etc.) may also change significantly. This is particularly relevant where the autonomy of the processes is laid down at the level of the machines themselves.

Methodology and results

​​This project developed guidance programmes for companies in the textiles, wood and food sectors. Through individual and collective sessions, it explored the extent to which an innovative work organisation plays a role in the impact digital transformation has on corporate culture and work organisation. In these sessions, participants were guided by organisational consultants from Workitects. Previous projects (WIFI2020 and Operator 4.0) built up expertise on this topic in the food industry, which was transposed to other sectors through this project. You can find generic insights and the stories of the participating companies on the following page: People-centred digitalisation | Workitects

Access to the project results

​​The project ran from 1 November 2021 to 30 October 2023. You can explore the results on the following website: People-centred digitalisation | Workitects. For more information, contact the project manager.​

Target group

The results of the project are useful for company directors and business managers, as well as HR and production managers who want to bring their people along in the digital transformation. The results are relevant to several sectors (including textiles, wood and food).

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD manages and coordinates the project. The project was executed by:

  • Alimento
  • Cobot
  • ILVO
  • Sirris
  • Woodwize
  • Workitects
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