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Sensor integration as key to food industry 4.0

Why this project?

Sensors are being used more and more to ‘keep an eye on’ many parameters.  From a simple temperature or debit measurement to camera systems that can detect faults in products that pass by at lightning speed on a conveyor belt.  Developing such a high-tech sensor in a food production line is no simple task.  The objective of the SENSINFOOD project, a collaboration between Flanders’ FOOD and Sirris, is to develop specific guidelines and methods for this ‘sensor integration’  

This will reduce the gap between producers and technology providers and enabling the Flemish food industry and its technology providers to make maximum use of the potential of existing and innovative sensor technologies.

Research approach

SENSINFOOD is a collective research project (type VIS-CO) that hopes to gain insight into the various criteria a sensory system for food product inspection must meet. 

During the project there will be close collaboration with food companies and technology integrators in the user group. Together, industrial cases will be determined and integration challenges will be examined.  

Target group and expected results

This research will result in the following findings:  

  • The early estimation of techno-economic sustainability and sensor integration ROI.  
  • The mechanical integration aspects (e.g. steel/product presentation, product-specific measurement configuration, physical sensor integration) 
  • The ICT integration aspects (e.g. hardware platform, software, Industry 4.0 connection). 

This project will lead to a set of very specific guidelines and best practices for sensor integration that can be used in the Flemish food industry.  
Quality control through the integration of sensors in the production systems is an important step for companies in the transition to Industry 4.0 and can help strengthen growth and export. This project will help both food companies and their production technology suppliers to better estimate their challenges and risks.

This project is aimed at:

  • Food companies that invest in sensors for monitoring their production 
  • Sensor manufacturers and suppliers 
  • Integrators 
  • Machine builders  

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD manages and coordinates the project. Sirris is responsible for the execution under the supervision of Tania Drissen. 


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