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Potential of Plant Endophytes and minerals for the Yield and quality of spinach in a changing climate

Popeye is a collaborative research project (type ICON) in which three companies collaborate with various research partners to reach a common objective. The project focuses on the problem of cadmium in spinach. Cadmium is a non-essential trace element that is sometimes present in high levels in the soil due to the non-ferro metal industry or the use of phosphate fertilisers. Some leafy vegetables, such as spinach, can absorb cadmium from the soil. This project researches how plant-associated micro-organisms or minerals can reduce the amount of cadmium that spinach absorbs.

Project partners

  • Globachem
  • Ardo
  • J.T. Minerals
  • Hasselt University – Research group Environmental Biology (CMKMB), under the supervision of Prof. Jaco Vangronsveld, Dr. Sofie Thijs
  • Flanders’ FOOD
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