Food Pilot

Facilitate and accelerate the implementation of known, but not yet fully exploited (smart) technology

Why this project? 

ILVO and Flanders’ FOOD have been running the Food Pilot ( together since 2009, an application and analysis centre in Melle, where agro-food companies improve their products and processes and demonstrations of innovative technologies are held. 
This project is geared towards expanding the Food Pilot as a ‘living lab’ in the food industry to accelerate the implementation of smart technology.  A ‘living lab’ forms the ideal environment for companies to gain inspiration through tests and demonstrations.  The living lab also aims to demonstrate innovative developments from other sectors to the agro-food companies to help make the transformation to an agro-food industry 4.0. 

Project approach and results

This living lab is part of a series of INDUSTRY 4.0 experimental locations financed by the Flemish Government ( 
With this living lab industry 4.0 we want to, in the first place, raise awareness with food companies of all sizes – from SME to large companies – about existing and upcoming data management technologies. As a meeting place, the living lab is also perfect for matching the needs and demands of agro-food companies and the technology developers, integrators, machine builders and software providers.  This project also offers: 

  • Test facilities for both agro-food companies and technology developers, individual or in a group 
  • Demonstrations of in-house technologies and technologies that have been made available temporarily by the technology developers 
  • Education and training for employees in new competences and combinations of expertises that are necessary in the modern agro-food factory 
  • Implementation of new technologies based on pilot tests  

Project partners

Flanders’ FOOD manages and coordinates the project. ILVO is responsible for the execution.

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