Collaboration around ancient cereal varieties

Why this project?

The Flemish agriculture sector is under increasing price pressure. The cultivation of a select number of conventional cereals, which guarantee high yields if their high input requirements are met, is no longer bringing solace. This unsustainable farming approach leads to the depletion of the soil as well as of the farmer – both of which are pernicious in the context of a resilient farming system. The systematic inclusion of old cereal varieties in the crop rotation – with an eye for agroecological principles – can contribute to growing genetic (agro)biodiversity and a more resilient ecosystem. In that respect, GraanWaardig aims to further develop an ongoing collaboration between five active farmers and a baker that focusses on ancient cereal varieties. Within this collaboration structure, fair pricing is the goal – throughout the chain and with special attention for risk spreading and agroecology.

Methodology and expected results

The objective of this EIP project is fair pricing throughout the chain, from farmer to baker, with special attention for risk spreading and agroecology. GraanWaardig offers the partners the opportunity to acquire agroeconomic insights (revenue models) combined with the expansion of their agroecological knowledge of old cereal varieties (including crop and nature monitoring). These agroeconomic insights will translate into a workable model that farmers and the baker can use for setting prices in the future. Based on success stories and demo fields, the aim in Year 2 is to expand the operational group by 5 more farmers who are willing to join this agroecological transition. In summary, GraanWaardig is planting the seeds for a sustainable, long-term collaboration of the operational group members.

Target group

At GraanWaardig, our main goal is to disseminate the intended organisational innovations and approach to as many links in the cereal chain as possible, ranging from farmer to miller to baker and even to the consumer. The primary goal of this communication strategy is to inspire like-minded farmers and intermediaries to enter into a sustainable collaboration. It will also highlight the potential of old cereal varieties with a view to expanding the operational group.

Project partners

The project is being carried out by:

  • 5 active farmers (Thomas Cools, Heirbaut aLgriculture, 4SE, Nijswolkje, Bousinvest)
  • Bakkerij Van Eeckhout
  • ILVO
  • INBO
  • Flanders' FOOD (promoter of the operational group)


Foto Trui Luyckx
Trui Luyckx
innovation manager