Belgische frietjes

Pilot infrastructure for fried food products

Research approach and expected results

The Belgian Fries Pilot is an EFRO investment project for the expansion of the VEG-i-TEC living lab with a pilot line for coating, frying and reducing fat in potato products, followed by oil recuperation for, in the first place, the potato processing industry. The pilot infrastructure will be installed in the VEG-i-TEC research building at the Ghent University campus in Kortrijk. If expanded, the pilot line can also be used to test the coating of other foodstuffs, such as vegetables and meat products as well as small-scale pilot testing of innovative fats and oils. The pilot line will be used for both free and independent research together with research institutes, and business-specific projects in Belgium and abroad. Co-creation through collaborations among research institutes, businesses and other stakeholders with feedback from consumers will lead to innovative potato products and potato processing. The Belgian Fries Pilot focusses on innovative processing with extra attention for Industry 4.0 (e.g. data collection with inline sensors), valorisation of by-products and efficient energy use. Innovation in the sustainable processing of potatoes through deep fat frying is important in being able to keep up with the growing demand for potato products and to strengthen Belgium's position as market leader of potato-based processed products. 

Project partners

The Belgian Fries Pilot is an initiative of Flanders’ FOOD with financial support from EFRO, the Flemish Government, the province of West Flanders, Huis van de voeding, Belgapom, Vamix (Vandemoortele), Ghent University and Flanders’ FOOD.

Partners Belgian Fries Pilot


Bart Van Damme
innovation manager
Maarten Uyttebroek
innovation manager
Belgische frietjes

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