Pathogen Control

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Monitor the presence and growth of pathogenic microorganisms

General objectives 

Naturally, food manufacturers must be able to control the dangers associated with pathogens. Mainly pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella pose the greatest challenge. From an evolutionary point of view, these strains can adapt very quickly and well to the conditions of the cold chain of food production. Controlling the outgrowth of pathogens therefore requires a strategic and targeted approach. Solutions will often be multidisciplinary in nature and require the involvement of multiple actors within and across the value chain. First of all, it must be the objective of a food company to prevent contamination of a food with a pathogen at all times. Obviously, a targeted effective approach to search for and remove the pathogenic (virulent) strains is necessary when there is an infection/outbreak. 

Expected results 

  • Expanding knowledge about (persistent) pathogenic strains and effective control.  

  • Expanding knowledge about the spread of pathogens within the production environment and which chemical, biological or physical means can be used to disinfect areas or surfaces.  

  • Optimizing approach to pathogen control in collaboration with actors in the value chain.