Clean production

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Monitor hygiene to control food safety

General objectives 

Existing production areas have the disadvantage that they become overcrowded over the years and that machines are not immediately state-of-the-art in terms of cleanability. This makes it challenging for a food company to make appropriate adjustments to increase cleanability. This often involves high CAPEX costs, but these investments should be better translated into more favorable OPEX costs in the future. Due to the general focus of the food company on sustainability (energy, water and chemical consumption & circularity) and occupational safety, a field of tension arises when considering cleaning. Proper cleaning requires time, water, chemicals and accessibility. It is therefore important that the pressure on cleaning is reduced. This concept therefore focuses on the hygienic design of existing and new production areas and machinery on the one hand and on the correct implementation of cleaning and disinfection protocols on the other. 

Expected results 

  • Sensitization and knowledge generation about cleaning procedures to limit contamination in the production environment.  

  • Improved monitoring of cleaning practices during the implementation of cleaning protocols.  

  • Optimization and personalization of cleaning protocols together with correct training for every type of food company.