Food ingredients: a state of affairs

Increased scientific knowledge offers more insight into the possibilities for the targeted composition of products. This book presents the current state of affairs around seven themes with regard to the possible impact of food ingredients on health, coupled with the technological possibilities and limitations associated with their use in food.
(Only available in Dutch)

These themes includes:

  • Fatty acids, a balanced balance
  • A technological view on fat reduction
  • Sugar and low-calorie alternatives
  • Fiber - a multipurpose ingredient
  • Pre-, pro- and synbiotics - the gut as the target
  • The glycemic index
  • An unsalted view on food

This work contains indispensable information for anyone working in the food industry. However, it also provides dietitians and doctors with useful information about the use of nutritional ingredients and their impact on health. The book was created within the project "Functionality in FOOD" and is thus based on a combination of the findings from the scientific literature with the experiences and visions of experts from both industry and universities and colleges.