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Development of a toolbox to support the transition of Flemish SMEs to climate neutrality. 

SCATE4SME is a cooperative business project (type R&D) in which three service providers work together to achieve a common goal.   

Our economy is transitioning to climate neutrality. Many of us are concerned about this and, with its European Climate Act and Green Deal, Europe is also pushing us to take action. Large multinational companies are already working on structurally reducing carbon emissions. However, SMEs lag behind large multinationals in the maturity of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission action plans. SMEs find it difficult to measure their current climate impact and determine their optimal roadmap for reducing carbon emissions due to a lack of human resources and other facilities.  

In SCATE4SME (‘Smart Carbon Attrition Technology for SME’), PowerPulse, Scone and Carbon+Alt+Delete aim to develop software tools that help SMEs make informed decisions. The partners aim to build knowledge on optimal data-driven strategies for the inventory and reduction of greenhouse gases in the Flemish SME segment. The innovative aspect involves optimising the data collection process, developing an incentive benchmarking tool and building a solution generation tool that offers tailor-made actions to reduce the carbon footprint. All these steps and tools will be validated at a number of food companies in cooperation with Flanders' FOOD. 

Project partners

The project is the collaborative effort of a consortium of companies: 

  • PowerPulse
  • Scone
  • Carbon+Alt+Delete

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Het project werd uitgewerkt door volgend consortium van bedrijven:

  • PowerPulse
  • Scone
  • Carbon+Alt+Delete
SCATE4SME projectpartners

Contactpersoon FF

Timothy Lefeber
research manager

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